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According to all the surveys, the most important benefit of making funeral arrangements in advance is PEACE OF MIND. In addition, pre-planning your funeral...

  • Removes the decision-making burden from the shoulders of loved ones at the time of need.
  • Assures that your wishes and preferences for funeral services are known.
  • Helps settle any differences that may arise within your family about the type and costs of the funeral service.
  • Allows you to meet with the funeral director of your choice and ask questions about service options, including.
  • The value of a complete funeral service and its benefits in the grieving process.
  • Cremation and its effects on the survivors.


When planning a funeral you may also want to plan the viewing of the body. This tradition goes back to "wakes" where family and friends viewed the body between death and burial. Historically this occurred at the decedent's home. Today this is often done at a funeral home, one or two days before the funeral. The viewing can be less formal than the funeral. It gives an opportunity for family and friends to reminisce about the deceased loved one. There are ways you can personalize the viewing. Remember that your deceased loved one was many things to many people. This is an opportunity to honor this.

  • Music - During the viewing most funeral homes will have traditional music piped into the viewing room. With today?s technology you can create a personalized CD or tape with the deceased?s favorite songs. This will usually require a CD or tape player. Contact the funeral home to see if they have these items or you will need to provide them.
  • Photos - Photos of the loved one are traditional in viewing. However, you can take some time to display photos of the deceased at work, at home, with friends, and doing some of their favorite hobbies. A three-panel cardboard display can be acquired at most arts and crafts stores. Small photos can be placed on the display.
  • Photo Albums - Wedding and childhood albums can be displayed to show the decease?s life. This is a beautiful way to show the cycle of life and the way the deceased impacted so many lives.
  • Special Items - Items that had a special significance to the deceased can be displayed in the room. These can include favorite toys, fishing poles, T-shirts of favorite sports team, trophies, or anything the deceased has created. These help bring back pleasant memories.
  • Poems or Prose - If there were special words that provided the deceased or the bereaved with comfort consider displaying this at the viewing. When my husband died I bought myself a bereavement card that had a beautiful poem about passing. I displayed this at the funeral because it reflected our beliefs.

Often the bereaved need help putting these items together. It is difficult to remember what items can be displayed. But personalizing the viewing can be of special meaning. Most funeral homes have an area that these items can be displayed during the funeral so that those that did not attend the viewing can enjoy their special meaning.


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