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Our caskets are provided to us by a select family owned manufacturer that has built a quality reputation throughout the country.

The selection of caskets and vaults is overwhelming. Our selection room is set up to show you caskets and vaults of excellent quality with fair prices. We have a good selection of colors and styles. Yet, that is only the tip of the selections available.

Caskets are made of many different types of materials. They are built in various strengths of steel, stainless steel, many types of wood, and precious metals that include bronze and copper. The cost of the casket is based on the type of material it is made from. The price of caskets varies greatly in the community. If you are approached about buying a casket from a salesperson in the community, it would benefit you greatly to allow us to show you the same casket at our facility. From what we have seen through the families that we serve, our caskets of equal quality and material have always been less expensive.

The same holds true of vaults. Vaults have a wide range of prices in the community. The company we work with is a long-standing family in the community that make the finest quality products. There are different degrees of sealers also available. Again, if you are approached about buying a vault, please take the time to ask for a price from us. Quality and value do not have to be expensive, even if someone tries to tell you so.

Is there truth to the rumor that there are rental casket?

As an alternative to purchasing a casket, some families are requesting a rental casket, for viewing before the cremation process.

Our rental casket contains inner container to hold the body, with the casket itself acting as a "shell" around the container making it suitable for public gatherings and viewing.

After the funeral service, the funeral director removes the body from the rental casket and transports it for burial or cremation in the inner container.

The outer casket is reused for a number of services.

Childrens' Caskets
Thankfully, we do not often require caskets for children. However, when tragedy strikes a family with the death of a child, we are here to accomodate the family with special caskets for children.

Caskets for children come in special sizes from 18 inches to 5 feet, to appropriately accomodate the size and age of child. Unfortunately, there is not a great selection available to us in casket styles or construction materials. Most are covered in white satin or "lambskin" cloth, with some also made with white or blue cloth or oak veneer. For teenaged children, over 5 feet tall, adult caskets are used at a discounted price.

If we do not have a suitable casket in our own inventory, we will find one from one of the other local funeral homes, or we will have one brought in overnight from our suppliers. Likewise, our suppliers' cost to us, for childrens' caskets, is surprisingl


y high compared to adult caskets, but the price we charge the family is only enough to cover our cost of the merchandise and handling. We do not profit from the tragic death of a child.

Furthermore, if there is a financial hardship in the family, we will provide our services and casket at whatever price the family can reasonably afford, or even at NO CHARGE.

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